My brain calls it quits..

Today has been a tough day, and that’s not just because of the ridiculous timetable! 

It’s only the start of week 3 and my brain is already failing me! It’s so enormously saturated with information, I don’t think it can take anymore in! And we have progress tests in 3 weeks… FFS!

Our course is made up of two phases during Ground School, which splits up the 14 exam subjects equally (some of the individual lessons merge for one exam). 

I was really convinced I was getting the hang of it; feeling pretty confident in my learning abilities! How wrong I was…

Because we have such a limited time to learn so much, we go through the course material at quite a fast speed, and that’s fine. However, trying to retain the information is becoming a bit of a struggle, or it was today! My brain has been on Netflix and chill for so long, it’s having a slight problem readjusting. 

We were informed, last week, that this is expected and not to panic; we will get there in the end! But, bloomin’ eck…it doesn’t half scare you, when you have put so much effort into getting here and by week 3 your brain has thrown in the towel!

I’m keeping calm and carrying on, and spending money on question banks to help me ace these exams! 

Fingers crossed my brain catches up with the demands and doesn’t turn to slush any time soon. It can do that once I’ve graduated and the plane flies itself! I’m just a very well paid passenger with a great view!

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