Little Pilot Uniform 

After a week of wondering if I was ever going to blend in with my fellow future pilots, my uniform finally arrived.

(To be fair, it was completely my fault and I take full responsibility for not reading the bloody email! I also thought that perhaps they’d have a uniform shop on site…my mistake!)

Look how great it is…

It includes a tie. I’ve never worn a tie. It’s all very exciting! The novelty is bound to wear off, when I’m struggling with that tiny top button in the morning and feel like my wind pipe is being constricted.

All the shirts (and one jumper) come with epaulette holders (is that what they’re called?), which I can imagine I’ll forget to switch over with every clean shirt.

The trousers are what I’d describe as snug! There’s no chance I’m waiting to exchange them for a larger pair; my bum is just going to have squeeze its way into these bad boys!

I might have to actually start using the gym membership I purchased at the beginning of the week.

It feels like the first day of school again! New uniform excitement! Arghh…bring on tomorrow!

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