First day surrealism!

I still cannot believe I’m here. After so long, and finally I’ve made it.

Induction day has been intense!

An enormous amount of information about what is expected of us and the consequences of failing to be exceptional.. Which all makes perfect sense! I mean, who on earth spends ยฃ100 000 on a course just to do “ok”…?!? Nah ah! I’m going to make those minimum 90% grade averages (even if it kills me).

Well… That’s what I was thinking, until I needed a forklift to carry out all 14 course books to my car!

I have to know all of this!

Meh, it’s probably not my biggest problem right now, as the ninkumpoop that I am, I forgot to send my uniform sheet back (going to be living in a my suit for the next week). Joys!

Once lessons begin tomorrow, I hope it finally begins to sink in that I’m finally on a journey of a life time!

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