The beginning of the future of my life..

On January 27th, after waiting exactly 2 weeks, I received an email informing me of whether or not, months of revision and years of dreaming will have actually paid off and I was going to be a pilot.

I hands down refused to open it. I lay around in bed, thinking up all the possible jobs that I was now going to have to start researching, because knowing my luck, there was no way I had passed Stage 3 of Generation easyJet.

This might seem quite pessimistic of me, but you were not in the interview. When trying to say I like to be well presented, I said, “Whenever I go out, I always try to sell myself…”, like a prostitute and on describing my personality, I used the word “chaotic.”

As my wonderful boyfriend put it, “You’ll look back and laugh.”ย It was the only thing I could do. Otherwise, I’d have to resign myself to the life of never ending postgraduate unemployment.

By the afternoon, I still hadn’t opened the email. I was distracting myself with tutor prep and remaining in denial that I would ever have to open it. However, I could not stop my phone from ringing. When I answered it, a cheery voice introduced herself from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and my first thought was “They don’t call to say no?”

I swear my heart skipped a beat as she said congratulations. FINALLY!!!ย 

After, informing me that I had been invited to join the CAE OAA Integrated ATPL to MPL upgrade course (which means if I ‘demonstrate superior performance during ground school’, I get to upgrade to the easyJet MPL course), she explained that I needed a Class 1 Medical, to send a copy of my passport and that I’d have to send a rather large sum of money to secure my place.

I finally checked my email.. I had to be sure that I hadn’t dreamt the entire conversation.

Then I proceeded to bounce around the house with the biggest smile on my face!!!

Since then, I (when I say ‘I’, I mean my mother) have deposited a large sum of money to secure my place, I have gained my Class 1 Medical and I am yet to send that and my passport to them. Or find accommodation in Oxford. But, I a nearly there…

So, on March 21st 2017, I will be beginning the adventure of my quarter life lifetime ๐Ÿ˜€

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