lacking in productivity…

I said today I would be productive. Instead, I got stuck in early morning traffic and decided I deserved a nap. So that went well.

…a few days later

The productivity went so well that I couldn’t even finish a post. FFS Kate! What have you been doing for the past 5 days? Oh yeah, absolutely nothing!

Women across 60 countries marched against male oppression (that’s such a generalisation, but considering it’s been less than 100 years since we gained the vote, I think it’s fair). Some may claim it was Trump, but I just can’t believe that other than the States anyone cares that much. We give America way too much credit for its impact on the world.. I mean only 36% have passports.

The fear is what Trump, and like minded men/people threaten. Our right to our bodies! What man can tell a woman that she can’t have an abortion, or that she brought rape upon herself for being promiscuously dressed. Nah ah.. but sadly a lot of countries are still fighting for equality and laws that forbid beingย anything LGBT(QIA so many letters). The marching was for them! Stop giving Trump the credit!

On this day, I went to itsu and ate Asian fusion with my bestie and boyfriend. I mean, I left the house, that was productive.

I’m not giving up! So, I had a bad week (month), I won’t let that stop me.

#findthatsilverlining XO

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