Inauguration Day

Now, I was very opinionated about the American election campaign, and when I went to sleep on election night, I knew it was going to go the same way Brexit went. My phone didn’t have as many disappointed messages as post-Brexit, but after that miserable affair, I think in our hearts, we knew America was next for bad luck.

However, I was determined not to get involved with American politics again.

  1. because I barely follow my own…and
  2. I don’t have a clue what is going on and hopefully it won’t affect me.

Spoke too soon.

This was the White House website page, awaiting anyone looking up all the hard work the Obama administration had so proudly achieved, as soon as Trump became the 45th President of the United States.


It’s obvious that during the change over from Obama to Trump, the website will have to be updated. But rather than having pages prepped, they just deleted (archived) them and left everyone with the unknown, much like the next 4 years.

The scariest part about all of these pages vanishing, is that they may never reappear!

Trump claims he doesn’t believe in climate change and his vice president, Mike Pence isn’t known for his LGBT support (or anything that isn’t a privileged rich white male). The lack of respect for women with these two is quite terrifying.

We can only hope that there are sensible people in the White House that don’t think climate change is a hoax, created by the Chinese and that everyone has the right to be happy and equal, no matter what their race, sex, religious beliefs or sexual orientation is.

Fingers crossed!

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